Law Courts

Law Courts

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The Palace of Justice in Cagliari occupies the eastern side of a large area on a slope that forms Piazza Repubblica. The New Lawcourt had the aim to replace the obsolete office buildings located in the district of Castello.
Law Courts

Around the 30s some suitable places were indicated as ideal location to house the new offices of justice, as Viale Trieste for example, which at the time was the heart of Cagliari. The initial idea to build the palace in those places was quickly abandoned in favour of Monte Urpinu area, certainly less chaotic than the first one. In 1933, the Municipality published a public competition that was won by the Engineer Domenico Dettori and its project. The new courthouse was inaugurated in 1938 after the conclusion of the façade and two side bodies. In the eighties and nineties the building was completed with the construction of the new wing in front of Via Vidal, which gradually underwent further changes during the following years by the Civil Engineer Department. The monumental building, built with the stone of Serrenti, is marked by vertical columns that circumscribe the three levels of openings. The central part of the building is characterized by a portico supported by pillars and columns, complemented by an inscription bearing the Latin motto "Iustitia".



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