Ebau palace

Ebau palace

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Ebau Palace, built in 1945, was planned by the architect Salvatore Rattu. It is a work whose facade is marked by vertical bands that make it different from the horizontal bands of Zedda Zedda Palace.
Ebau palace

The Ebau Palace represents a typical example of fascist architecture, in littorian style with hints of the Bauhaus school. It is part of the artistic current of rationalism, in Cagliari linked to the names of Ubaldo Badas and Salvatore Rattu, as in this case. Parallel to the ideology of the regime, rationalism is permeated by the need for rigor and urgency of the order.

Palazzo Ebau observes the dynamics of the rounded acute corner and its vertical magnificence stands out in contrast with the nearby buildings of Paoli street and San Benedetto square.

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