Sant'Avendrace district

Sant'Avendrace district

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Sant'Avendrace is placed under Tuvixeddu hill, along Viale S.Avendrace, not far from Santa Gilla pond. Viale S.Avendrace ends in the namesake square where Viale Elmas (superhighway SS 130) and Viale Monastir (superhighway SS 131) begins.
Sant'Avendrace district

The district of Sant'Avendrace was formerly isolated from the rest of the city and it was known by the name of Borgo di Sant'Avendrace. It rises not far from the pond of Santa Gilla and it is crossed by the important and busy Sant'Avendrace Avenue, from which it is possible to observe the Cave of the Viper, a sepulchre from the Roman era. The avenue still overlooks some of the low houses that were once home to the fishermen of the nearby lagoon, the only inhabitants of the place in the past.
The Sant'Avendrace Avenue ends in the homonymous square, from which Elmas Avenue and Monastir Avenue begin, that are respectively the initial sections of the SS 130 and the SS 131. From Sant'Avendrace Square also begins the San Michele Street in which it is located Villa Carboni, built in the seventeenth century on the ruins of a Roman Domus of which traces remain evident.

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