San Benedetto district

San Benedetto district

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In the past San Benedetto area was just a cultivated land. The modern district was born between Thirties and Forties and it was completed between Fifties and Eighties.
San Benedetto district

The San Benedetto district was built in the 1930s when the first edifices were erected near the main square which gave life to the original housing complex.
Twenty years later, due to the massive demand for new homes by citizens who had lost theirs during the war, the neighbourhood was the protagonist, together with other districts of the same city, of a rapid building expansion that saw it grow and occupy areas that until then were entirely peripheral. The construction of the palaces was completed in a few years and San Benedetto assumed, on the map of Cagliari, the current polygonal shape, with the center in the homonymous square and vertices corresponding to other central points of the city, the squares: Repubblica, Garibaldi and Dante (later dedicated to Pope John XXIII from Palestrina).

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