Marina district

Marina district

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Marina district is placed between Cagliari harbor and the South part of Castello district. In the past centuries the area hosted fishermen, merchants and dock workers. It is also known as Lapola because of the tower built by Pisans in 1226.
Marina district

The Marina district is one of the four historic districts of Cagliari. Its boundaries are delimited to the north by the walls of Castello, to the south from Roma street, to the east from Regina Margherita Avenue and to the west from Largo Carlo Felice.
Its origins date back to the times of the Pisan domination; it arose as an area intended to house the warehouses and the dwellings of the workers of the port. 
The initial name was Lapola and the neighbourhood was equipped with a defensive system of walls and bastions, modernized by the Spaniards and demolished in the second half of the nineteenth century.

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