Europeo District

Europeo District

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Quartiere Europeo is placed between Cep district, Piazza Giovanni XXIII, Via Vesalio, Via Castiglione and Viale Marconi.
Europeo District

The European District is located on the border between the Genneruxi, Fonsarda, Giovanni XXIII Square, Cep and Marconi Avenue districts. Mainly Composed of large single and two-family single villas, it is a low-density neighbourhood with a high presence of public and private greenery.

In the area there is the convent of San Giuseppe, a former riding stable owned by the Mannatzu family, now used as a room for private ceremonies and the medieval church of Sant'Alenixedda, surrounded by a simple but elegant garden.

In the streets of the district there is a seat of the Cagliari Municipal Police, the Consulate of the Principality of Monaco and a seat of the Rotary Club.

There is a kindergarten and it is crossed by lines 1, 30 and 31 and by the Cagliari light rail.

It is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in real estate terms in the entire city of Cagliari.

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