District of the Sun

District of the Sun

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Quartiere del Sole (S'Arrulloni) was born in Seventies and is bordered by La Palma and San Bartolomeo districts, Viale Poetto and Saline (salt deposit).
District of the Sun

The district of the Sun is a neighbourhood of Cagliari and it is used for simple residential usage especially with medium-level houses, 5-storey buildings (on average) and independent houses adjacent to the State Saltworks. It is adjacent to the La Palma district and is surrounded by the Poetto’s, San Bartolomeo’s, Medau su Cramu’s and Sant'Elia’s districts.

The buildings are modern and among the most important structures there are primary schools, the middle school "Colombo", two elementary schools, "Del Sole" and two kindergartens.

In the district there is the presence of an important attraction, the "City of Salt", where various events and theatrical performances are held, in the area of ​​the salt pans, which divides the Sun District from the Poetto.

The City of Salt is a real city museum and is directed, through the remains of buildings (such as the large chimney that fell in the seventies), towards the deepening of the salt extraction methods used in the modern era. Before becoming a residential neighbourhood, in fact, it was the workplace for the numerous people from Cagliari who went there to extract salt from the salt pans.

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