Crypt of Santo Sepolcro

Crypt of Santo Sepolcro

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Opening hours:

From Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm / 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm.
On Thursday only in the morning.
On Sunday, 4:30 pm - 6:45 pm.


Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

The crypt of Santo Sepolcro is one of the most fascinating hypogeums of the town.
Crypt of Santo Sepolcro

The history of the crypt reflects the one of the Confraternity of the Oration and Death, also called Confraternity of Santo Sepolcro, whose members buried the corpses of the poor in this subterranean area.
Its entrance is a trapdoor located in the middle of the nave; the area consists of three barrel-vaulted rooms with a tomb probably destined to an illustrious man. On the walls, the visitor can see various frescoes; the most relevant painting portrays the Death as a skeleton wrapped in an ermine mantle and holding a scythe in a hand. On the blade, the visitor can read the Latin words Nemini parco (I spare no one).

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