Crypt of San Domenico

Crypt of San Domenico

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The crypt is located under the modern Church of San Domenico.
It was built in the 14th century, in gothic-catalan style, with Dominican cloister and convent enclosed ; it was destroyed by the bombing in 1943.
Crypt of San Domenico

The entrance on the west arm of the church of San Domenico leads to the crypt or lower church, consisting of the remains of the ancient convent structure.

The crypt still preserves the plan of the ancient church: a nave divided into two spans with vaulted cross vaults, side chapels and presbytery. The vaults and the upper part of the perimeter walls were lost during the bombings in 1943. The only room left intact is the chapel of the "Madonna del Rosario", the last on the left proceeding towards the presbytery, connected to the nave by a short corridor with barrel vault decorated with rosettes alternating with raised diamond points. In the Sanctuary of the Martyrs there is a similar decoration which is accessible through a triumphal arch framed by pilasters and surmounted by a tympanum.

The crypt of San Domenico is currently used both for religious services and for cultural events, such as concerts and art exhibitions in general.




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