Convento di Santa Rosalia

Convento di Santa Rosalia

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Located in Torino street, in Marina district, the temple, best known for guarding the tomb of San Salvatore da Horta, is officiated by the Friars Minors Observants that live in the adjacent convent.
Convento di Santa Rosalia

In the 15th century, an oratory dedicated to Santa Rosalia existed on the site of the present church. In 1740 the church was granted to the Observant Friars without headquarters since 1718, the year of the demolition of the convent of Santa Maria di Gesù (located in Regina Margherita avenue). Expecting the arrival of the friars, the church of Santa Rosalia, flanked by a convent, was subjected to new works by the military architect Augusto della Vallea, who transformed the temple into a Piedmontese Baroque style.

The most important part of the temple, from an artistic point of view, is the Baroque facade, together with the adjacent portico, which in the past had the function of connecting the two parts of the convent.

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