Cloister of San Domenico

Cloister of San Domenico

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Opening hours:

from 8:15 am to 10 am and from 5:30 pm to 7 pm


Free entrance.

In 1254 Domenicans formed a community in the suburbs of Villanova; here they built a church which later became the “Friary of Castel di Castro”.
Cloister of San Domenico

The Dominicans arrived in Cagliari in 1254 and they formed a community in the Villanova district: here they built a convent church at the same point where there was originally an ancient Benedictine church dedicated to Sant'Anna, later incorporated into the cloister.
First dedicated to Sant'Anna, the structure was later named "Convento of Castel di Castro".
During the Aragonese domination the building was rebuilt in Gothic-Catalan style, at the expense of the rulers of Aragon, and the King of Spain Charles V granted him the title of Royal Convent.
In 1943, following the bombing of the city, the structure was almost completely destroyed.

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