Church of Santa Lucia

Church of Santa Lucia

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The church is located in Castello district, built in the 16th century in a Gothic-Aragonese style. Inside, has a single vaulted nave and sidelong chapels. Contiguous is an ex-cloister which nowadays hosts a kindergarten and an elementary school.
Church of Santa Lucia

The Church of Saint Lucia is located in Via Martini, the road that leads from Piazza Indipendenza to Piazza Palazzo. It dates back to the sixteenth century, when it was donated by the Viceroy Don Antonio Cardona to the Poor Clare Sisters, who came from Barcelona under the invitation of Pope Paul III. The building rises above traces of ancient Pisan fortifications, as we can see from the tower incorporated into the construction of the sacristy. From the nearby Piazza Mundula it is possible to see the back of the building, which laid directly on the rock overhanging the underlying Viale Regina Elena. The interior has a single nave with vaulted ceilings and two side chapels; those on the left were obtained from areas taken from the former convent while the chapels of the right side present some differences between them: one has a barrel vault date back to 17th century, while the other has groin vault from the 16th .

In Cagliari there is another church with the same name, located in San Benedetto district.

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