Church of Saint Vincenzo de Paoli

Church of Saint Vincenzo de Paoli

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The current church was built in 1950 in a Romanesque-Pisan style; it has a brick masonry facade covered with limestone. Inside, it is decorated in a simple and essential style.
Church of Saint Vincenzo de Paoli

The current church was built in 1950, after the restoration of a previous large chapel  that was destroyed during the bombing in the Second World War.
The new building is neo-Romanesque-Pisan  style and presents a façade in brick masonry clad in limestone. In the central part  is possible to see a cusp, with a central circular window, framed by sculptural decorations.
Above the main entrance there is a lunette mosaic, dedicated to the Saint.
The interior has a Latin cross plan , and is characterized by simple and essential design elements.  Inside, there are three naves; the central one is taller and wider than the aisles, separated by columns partition.

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