Church of Saint Peter of Fishermen

Church of Saint Peter of Fishermen

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The medieval Church of Saint Peter of Fishermen is among the oldest churches in the town and dates back to the XI century. It is located in Stampace district, where there was a necropolis during the early Christian.
Church of Saint Peter of Fishermen

The church is located in Stampace District and it is also one of the most ancient in the city. It was built in Romanic Gothic style, but it was reworked several times during the centuries. The monument looks out onto a small yard, accesible from Viale Trieste, in an area that was used as necropolis during the  Paleochristian Age, as proved by some  evidences stored in the National Archeological Museum of the city.

The current facade is made in chalky stone and shows Gothic elements probably date back to  the  13th  century; the inside has a wooden roof and a single nave. Decorations are very simple: there are two statues representing San Pietro, and a painting  of the 19th century representing the Vergine Addolorata.

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