Church of Saint Maria del Monte

Church of Saint Maria del Monte

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Opening hours:

On Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, from 4pm to 7pm.
On Sunday, from 10am to 1pm.

The Church of Saint Maria del Monte is located in Castello district; it dates back to the Sixteenth century and was built in a Gothic-Catalan style. Inside, it has a single nave, a square shape chancel and vaults decorated with diagonal ribs.
Church of Saint Maria del Monte

The small church is located in Castello district, in the old Jewish quarter. It is a fine example of Catalan Gothic style. The facade has a terminal plate, on which there is a semicircular window, and a portal surmounted by a Gothic arch. The interior consists in a single nave, two spans, a side chapel on the right, the presbytery and the choir. There is a simple ceiling vault on the first two spans and a starry one on the chancel.

The church originally belonged to the Confraternity of the Sacred Mount of Mercy, dedicated to the assistance of the condemned; after the suppression of the order in 1866, it was used with different aims: second headquarter for the Court of Assizes, municipal music school, gym, dormitory and refectory of the small house of Providence.

After many renovation works, the church was re-opened around 2000 and entrusted to the Sovereign Order of Malta, which in turn makes the building accessible, offering explanations about its history and the works of art that it contains.

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