Botanical Museum

Botanical Museum

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Opened in 2008, it was created with the intent to combine the visits to the Botanical Gardens with in-depht monographs. The ancient art of wax carving comes back to life through model of mushrooms, flowers, carnivorous plants, insects and pollen.

The Botanical Museum  was opened in November 2008. It was created with the intent to incorporate visits to the Botanical Gardens with monographic and thematic analisys . To prepare certain sections were made botanical models in three dimensions that , thanks to the passion of Dr. Cristina Delunas, manager of the structure, reproduce in a modern  and renovated way, the ancient art of wax modeling . A combination of art and science, well known in the past centuries, which  had as illustrious character C. Susini and L. Inkwells , best known for the anatomical waxes and that, after E.Tortori's death(1893) , fell into disuse and was almost forgotten. In this small museum the ancient art rises again:  mushrooms , flowers , carnivorous plants , pollen and insects  take shape, completely created  by hand over the flame of an alcohol lamp. Unique pieces, made in the belonging laboratory . The museum houses  scientific instruments used in the Departement during past centuries , such as microscopes, precision balances and dryers. It preserves an important collection of herbal preparations in formalin which has about 200 pieces. Historically important  for the place where the Garden and then the Museum rise,  is a small collection of archaeological finds from the Roman period ( first and second century . D. C. ) found in the Garden itself. A showcase is dedicated to the history of herbal medicine .

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