Arciconfraternita dei Genovesi Museum

Arciconfraternita dei Genovesi Museum

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Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


Free donation

The museum houses a collection of pictures, statues, silverware and vestments forming the liturgical equipment of the old church located in via Manno, destroyed by air raid in 1943. All these items were saved and collected by the Archconfraternity.

Opened in 1999 , the museum testifies the identity of the citizens of Cagliari of Genoese origin . In fact , it is located near the church dedicated to the patron saints of Genoa, George and Catherine, built at the expense of Archconfraternity , after the destruction of the historic one during the bombing in 1943. The ancient church's liturgical objects , recovered from the ruins thanks to the hands of the confraternity's members , are now preserved and exhibited in the museum. Among the most valuable pieces we find : the "Madonna of the city" , a work of seventeenth-century Genoese school ; " Christ and Mary offer the rosary to the Dominican monks " by Giovanni Bernardino Azzolin; "Deposition of Christ," by Gioacchino Asseretos ; the wooden group of processional case of the " Martyrdom of St. Catherine ," by Giuseppe Anfosso ; the silver and golden-copper monstrance of the '700 and the chasuble with the effigy of Saints George and Catherine and Genoa's coat of arms. The confraternity also preserves a rich archive containing documents from the sixteenth century , included the historic statute written in Italian vernacular.

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