Church of Saint'Alenixedda

Church of Saint'Alenixedda

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The church of Saint'Alenixedda, dating back to the thirteen century, rises in the ancient area of San Vetrano (where Roman remains were found). It is an aisleless church and stands out both for the simplicity and for the elegance of the facade
Church of Saint'Alenixedda

Four pilasters divide the facade into three main parts: the central one with the arc-shaped entrance , on which stands a belfry. On both sides of the facade there are small ascending arcs that end above the entrance. The origin of the name is taken from the diminutive of Alenixedda, Aleni, that is Elena in Sardinia, mother of Emperor Constantine, who was celebrated as a true saint in the island.

The diminutive was created with the intent to distinguish two churches completely different to each other, but devoted to the same saint: the first one, which was erected on the site of S. Vetrano, and the larger one, built in the adjacent town of Quartu Sant'Elena.

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