Francesco Ciusa - Different faces of Sardinia

Francesco Ciusa - Different faces of Sardinia

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Opening hours:

From Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm.


- full ticket € 6,00;
- reduced ticket € 3,00 (students under 26 years old, visitors over 65 years old, groups of at least 15 people);
- free admission for children under 6 years old, disabled visitors and their companions, Icom members.

Special discounts:
- reduced admission to the exhibitions at the Covered Walkway and the Municipal Art Gallery with the ticket of the exhibition "Waiting for the Moon - dialogues between the colours of Eva Fischer";
- 20% discount for Rinascente Card holders, Museo Naturalistico del Territorio “G. Pusceddu” (Sa Corona Arrùbia – Lunamatrona) ticket holders and Museo della Statuaria Preistorica in Sardegna (Laconi) ticket holders.

Francesco Ciusa - Different faces of Sardinia

114 years after the participation in the Venice Biennale of the famous sculpture "La madre dell'ucciso" (The mother of the murdered man), Cagliari Civic Museums rearrange the works of art on display in the Francesco Ciusa Hall. The new set up aims to retrace the huge cultural "rebirth" that occurred in Nuoro and the whole Sardinia in the first thirty years of the twentieth century, transforming the island from a "land of bandits" into a rich place, with a thousand-year old history and traditions that attracted artists, explorers and scientists from all over the world.
The Francesco Ciusa Hall will host plaster casts by the Sardinian sculptor - such as "La madre dell'ucciso", "Dolorante anima sarda", "La spinatrice" and "Cainita" - and some masterpieces made by the greatest Sardinian artists of the early twentieth century, including paintings by Mario Delitala, Antonio Ballero, Felice Melis Marini, Giuseppe Biasi and Filippo Figari. Furthermore, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a wide selection of engravings from the Nicola Valle Fund and documents, volumes and postcards from the Fulvio Caporale Fund owned by the Municipality of Escalaplano, with an autograph manuscript by Grazia Deledda. The Civic Museums Library will show a selection of newspapers and vintage illustrations from the Multimedia Archives of Cagliari - International Center of Comics, created in 2018 by the will of Bepi Vigna.

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