Salotto dell'Arte

Salotto dell'Arte

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Opening hours:

11:00am-01:00pm / 06:30pm-08:30pm
Sunday and Monday morning: closed
Summer hours: 7 June - 11 August 06.30pm-09.00pm - Sunday: closed


Admission to all initiatives is totally free.

Exhibition space - Contemporary Art
Salotto dell'Arte

"Salotto dell'Arte" was born in Turin, but since 2015 it has moved to the Historic Centre of Cagliari, in the upper part of "Marina", in the Piazzetta G. M. Dettori, evocative and elegant, in front of "Piccolo auditorium" and close to several artistic and cultural workshops. It has a contemporary look and aims to be a staple centre of down town city life. We are convinced that Culture is necessary, engaging, useful, and attractive. It is a fascinating world, a call for the curious.

What do we find at "Salotto dell'Arte?

It is a space where you can find and rediscover works of contemporary art exhibited in collections of various expressive trends. It is proposed to highlight talented artists who also represent their love for this island, permeated with history. The exhibitions are highly influenced by current matters or suggested by day to day life.
The "Salotto dell'Arte" is an open space where you can participate and attend book presentations, cultural evenings, debates and conventions and personal or collective exhibitions.
In the vernissage, lovable and sensitive friends prepare simple but always varied and appetizing buffets, to toast to the beauty that Art manages to extract from each of us. We also organize musical and poetic entertainments by various authors in order to promote Art.

Moreover, we collaborate in the artistic Direction and curating of personal exhibitions in the space that Ag. Imm. Onali of Via S. Margherita 6 Cagliari (near Piazza Yenne) makes available to the art in the belief that this world unites.

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