Gallery of Salt

Gallery of Salt

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Between street art and urban landscape
Gallery of Salt

Since 2014, the cycle and pedestrian path joining Su Siccu seafront, at the foot of Bonaria hill, with Viale La Palma and the main entrance of Molentargius – Saline Regional Park, has been hosting an ongoing project aimed at the creation of an open-air contemporary art gallery.

The project has been developed by the non-profit organization Urban Center together with many local, national and international artists, who have contributed realizing the fine murals that nowadays offer the visitor a beautiful route through art and nature.

Along the path, it is possible to see some wall paintings by the Sardinian street artist Manu Invisible, whose name is internationally known, even it is associated with a secret identity protected by a mask.

Every day, runners, cyclists and canoeists cross the Galleria del Sale, as well as tourists and local families. Everyone can express a thought inspired by the beauty of the gallery and not just virtually: a big wooden note board in the shape of a human figure collects visitors’ memories.

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