Cagliari is a perfect eco-system, a city suspended among sky, earth and water. Water in Cagliari is not only the sea. A few steps from the long beach lie lagoons and natural reserves unique all over Europe. In the old saltworks, that at sunset wear purple-red hues. The city is framed, on the east side by the Molentargius pond, natural reserve and perfect habitat for many plants and animals species. Looking west, the lagoon of Santa Gilla, magic place for the early Punic settlements.

Built on seven hills that identify other city districts (Castello, Tuvu Mannu, Tuvixeddu, Monte Claro, Monte Urpinu, Bonaria, San Michele), the city has its originary nucleus in Castello district, the highest point of the city overlooking the surrounding area.

The most important green area of the city is the quiet "Orto Botanico" that, in the shade of secular ficus, preserves some ancient roman cisterns as well as some most rare specimen of mediterranean and tropical vegetation. Beautiful landscapes can be enjoyed from the top of city hills: from the Giardini Pubblici and from the Terrapieno, Monte Urpinu, Colle di San Michele and Parco di Monte Claro.


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