Cagliari is the most important city of Sardinia, with a metropolitan area of about half a million inhabitants. The capital of the island has a soul consisting of a millenary history, culture, nature, beach tourism and night life, an attractive mix that fascinates the visitor, charmed by the views of Castello, the ramparts and the Roman remains, the Sardinian sea, as well as by the dynamism of a surprisingly lively city.

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Cagliari's airport Cagliari's airport, source: Wikipedia

The airport

Cagliari is connected to the most important european cities thanks to the Elmas - Mario Mameli international airport. A shuttle bus connects the airport to the city center in Piazza Matteotti, situated between the port and the train station. Moreover, also taxis and rent-a-car services connect the airport to downtown.


Moving around in Cagliari is quite easy: the public transports network consists of the metro, local and extra-urban buses. It's also possible to use cabs or rent a car in the city centre or at the airport.

Port and train station

The port of Cagliari is situated in the centre of the city and faces directly onto the famous via Roma. It is connected with the Mainland via daily ferry trips, and is also an important landing place to several ships cruising the Mediterranean.
Nearby the port, there are the train station as well as the main terminals for local and regional bus lines.


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