Where is Cagliari?

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, and it's situated in the south of the island, in the “Golfo degli Angeli”.

How big is Cagliari?

Cagliari is a city of about 155.000 inhabitants, whose territory overlooks a surface of some 53,10 square miles.

How does the city look like?

The historic centre of the city, is divided into four main districts: Marina, Castello, Stampace and Villanova. Moreover, there are very important commercial areas as well as a large hinterland.

Which district to choose for staying overnight?

It depends on your expectations about your holiday. Marina district, facing the port, to fully enjoy the flavours and perfumes of a typical Mediterrean town. Castello, to breathe centuries of history as well as to overlook the city from the highest part. Stampace to immerge yourself in a typical and popular atmosphere, and Villanova, to be delighted with a view of ancient villas full of gardens in bloom, where if you wish, you can stay overnight.

Discover Cagliari all year round

Although Cagliari lends itself to be visited all year round, the period with a major flow of visitors is between Springtime and Summer, from May to September. Starting from May the “Festa di Sant'Efisio”, (a yearly religious procession, to celebrate the Saint Patron of Sardinia, Efisio) recognized as Mankind Heritage by UNESCO, attracts thousand of guests from all over the world. Yet in June, July, August and September, you can enjoy a full summer. Still in October the weather is mild, and it allows swimming and all sort of aquatic sports. During the remaining months, Cagliari offers several attractions, among which the Carnival parades, and the Holy Week, with its evocative rites.

Taste Cagliari for a week-end

The time-span of a week-end will allow you to immerse yourselves, in a city with a thousand years heart, displaying a thousand hidden faces. Who thinks to spend only a day in Cagliari for a visit, reluctantly leaving the golden beaches of the South of the island, will be greatly surprised. Archeology, history, culture, landscapes, nature and food and wine traditions, since ever involve all of the visitor senses, inviting him to a future and longer sojourn.

Eating in Cagliari

Cagliari offers a wide choice of restaurants, fitting all the pockets needs and tastes. In town, there aren't “commercial” restaurants. All the inns, and typical “trattorie”  of the capital, are frequented not only by tourists, but also by the locals. In addition, there are also top-class restaurants, capable of meeting all the most distinguished taste requirements. Being Cagliari a multi-ethnic and university town, an ample range of typical restaurants is available.  Catering in Cagliari, takes also care of peculiar needs such as vegetarians and food intolerances.

What specialities one shouldn't miss, when in Cagliari

Being Cagliari a city facing the sea, most of the traditional cuisine is based on sea food. Spaghetti with clams and “bottarga” (grated dry mullet eggs), linguine with sea urchins, “risotto alla pescatora”, Fregola (very small home-made pasta rolled into tiny balls, with saffron) with clams, Burrida (boiled dog-fish in vinegar with onions and walnuts), “Fritto misto” (mixed fried fish from the gulf, covered in flour), not to forget to taste “malloreddus” or “ravioli” alla campidanese (the latter being fresh pasta filled with meat sauce, or cheese and chards). Much appreciated, a classic of the sardinian inland tradition, is the roasted suckling piglet.

All these dishes can be tasted with quality local wines (Vermentino, Nuragus or Cannonau), whether desserts (gueffus, candelaus, pardulas, pabassinas, pirichittus, amarettus) can be accompanied with a glass of sweet “Moscato”, Malvasia, Nasco, or “Mirto” (myrtle syrup).

Night life in Cagliari

Cagliari has an animated night life. There are about a hundred among pubs, wine-bars, disco-pubs, were to listen to several music styles, having a drink and relaxing. In summer, the Poetto beach, full with small pubs get animated by a joyful crowd until late night, having dinner and listening to good music.

How to get to Cagliari

By plane; Airport Cagliari Elmas “Mario Mameli”, located only 7 kilometres away from the city centre.
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By Ferry; Via Roma, Porto di Cagliari – ferry and cruise terminal, right in the heart of the historic centre.
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Moving along in Cagliari

By car – car rentals list on the municipality website
By bus – local transport network website
Regional transport network website
By train – National Railway website

Are hotels open all year round in Cagliari?

Obviously Cagliari offers guests accommodation all year round.

Do cheap hotels exist?

Cagliari offers to the visitor a wide choice of accommodation options suitable to everybody.
One can choose between budget and high range hotels, as well as bed and breakfasts and guest houses. There is also an international youth hostel.
For people who wish to stay in farm-houses, there are a lot of “agriturismo” not far from the city.
Booking is always advisable.

How long is it necessary to make a reservation?

For the months of July and August, it's warmly recommended to book at least two months before, likewise for Easter and the “Festa di Sant'Efisio” on May 1st.

Is there a wi-fi network in Cagliari?

Almost all the hotels offer their guests a free internet connection. And moreover, in the city centre (via Roma, Largo Carlo Felice) a municipal free wi-fi network is available and easily accessible.

Can I bring my pet along?

Cagliari is a “pet friendly” city. The capital of the island opens its gates to the four-legged guests. Needless to say, you are expected to look after it, and clean when needed. In some hotels small pets are welcome, and along some beaches there are reserved areas for them.
Our advice, however, is, while booking to ask for further information.
Thanks to these few hints, we could discover Cagliari enjoying the company of our pets.

Is there a luggage deposit in Cagliari?

It's possible to store your luggage at the bus station “ARST” in piazza Matteotti, asking at the newspaper kiosk in the interior of the building.

Cagliari for families

On the institutional web portal of Cagliari Turismo www.cagliariturismo.it, it is possible to see and download a map where the areas equipped with play spaces for children, are listed.