from October 7, 2021 hours 09:30 to January 30, 2022 hours 20:00

Voom! Literary Travel Agency

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Interactive exhibition

The Cultural Centre Exma - Exhibiting and Moving Art will host the exibition Voom! Literary Travel Agency, an interactive exhibition produced by Camu Art Centers and Museums and Tuttestorie Festival. An authentic experience of exploration, discovery and fun created by Lost Room, who will propose to kids six different kind of trips inspired by books and illustrated novels.
Voom! Literary Travel Agency is an exhibition-game for children, families, schools and all people of all ages who have never stopped playing.
The playful path, with immersive components, is a real experience of exploration and discovery of stories drawn from children's and children's literature.
The Literary Travel Agency proposes among the destinations that can be explored the woods, the underground, the garden, the river, the sea and the island: places that we have all imagined reading a book or an illustrated novel.
In each wunderkammer there are tributes and quotes from the literary works that inspired them and that will allow visitors to immerse themselves not only in the environments but also in the stories. 
The path among the literary environments was designed using gamification techniques, that harmonious set of  components and dynamics inserted in a different context from the playful one. 
Each environment have a small missions to be completed through the solution of tests and puzzles: visitors will be invited to get involved and to team up to put into practice lateral thinking, logic and observation and research skills.
The design and the gamification is provided by Lost Room, a company specializing in escape rooms, playful experiences and immersed entertainment events.

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