from June 11, 2021 hours 18:00 to November 14, 2021 hours 20:00

Ubaldo Badas, the painter

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Eupalino's paint brushes

The Municipal Art Gallery of Cagliari hosts the exhibition Ubaldo Badas the painter - Eupalino's paint brushes.

Thirty different paintings made by Badas between the 60s and the 70s will be on display in the central hall. A hidden aspect of the famous painter who became famous for the modernist sign he gave to the city of Cagliari with important architectural projects, even tough he did not possess an architecture degree.

The exhibition points out how Badas also was a deep expert in painting and pictorial techniques and shows his great interest in the most notorius art movement of the twentieth century.
Badas' works create an opportunity to think about the renovations he carried out both for the Municipal Gallery and the Public Gardens.

The hall will be enriched by archival documents made available by Paolo Sanjust, associate professor at the Architecture Department of the University of Cagliari, including a series of architectural interventions, subsequently replaced by new renovations, conceived by Badas in the 1930s. The architect Gaetano Lixi, who curates the exhibition together with Efisio Carbone, has designed a lavender-coloured room, using gray colour to define the architectural elements made with temporary materials. The paintings created by Ubaldo Badas refer to an intimate and familiar narration that moves away from architectural and monumental projects.

The exhibition is completed by a graphic project dedicated to Badas created by Stefano Asili: a tribute to the talent of a great man who recently passed away.



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