from December 4, 2021 hours 10:00 to February 28, 2022 hours 18:00

The suspended song of painting

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A retrospective dedicated to the artist Gastone Biggi
The Former Town Hall in Cagliari hosts the exhibition "Il canto sospeso della pittura" (The suspended song of painting) dedicated to the Roman painter Gastone Biggi, curated by Claudio Cerritelli and produced by Cagliari's Municipal Museums.
On the four floors of the former city council seat, 160 paintings retrace Biggi's creative and stylistic evolution, from the late 1950s to 2014. The painter, who died on 29 September 2014, also revelead himself to be a poet, musicologist, writer and essayist: his incredible skills and intelligence always marked his artistic production, which spanned six decades from the end of the 20th century up to the new millennium making him a precious witness to one of the most changeable and eventful periods in human history. During his career, Gastone Biggi held many personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad and his paintings have been exposed in the most important biennial and quadrennial exhibitions of contemporary art. However, he never stopped teaching art at the Arts High School in Rome until 1984, passing on to his students his deep love of learning.
Gastone Biggi's poetry is divided into several sections that follow a precise chronological and stylistic order. Their names are:
- The figuratives;
- The erased;
- Informal;
- Continuous;
- Variables;
- Tangentials and rhythms;
- Skies - Days;
- Fields;
- Songs of memory;
- Lights;
- Constellation tables;
- Icons;
- Cosmochromes;
- Events;
- Ayron;
- Puntocromie, New York 3, Fleurs, Scores.


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  • Former Town Hall

    Piazza Palazzo, 6 - Cagliari

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