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Mother Peasant Saint

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The female paradigm throughout Sardinian art in the early 20th century.

The exhibition Mother, peasant, saint. The female paradigm throughout Sardinian art in the early 20th century - curated by the Department of Culture and Entertainment of the Municipality of Cagliari and by the Civic Museums - shows us how the female image is represented in the works of various Sardinian artists that are part of the Valle Fund and the Sardinian collection, which are preserved in the Municipal Gallery.
The exhibition documents how the female paradigm came to bear symbolic values over the decades. Women are often represented from the perspective of their trades: baking, as in Giovanni Marras (1902- 1966) and Remo Branca (1897-1988); weaving, well depicted by Antonio Mura (1902-1972) and Carmelo Floris (1891-1960); water-carrying, as in the countless images of these workers and women at the spring by Giuseppe Biasi (1885-1945), Battista Ardau Cannas (1893-1984) andMario Delitala (1887-1990), or devoting themselves to the rite of prayer or socializing among conversation partners as in Giovanni Ciusa Romagna (1907-1958).
It is possible to experience the extraordinary portraits in Sardinian costume by Filippo Figari (1885-1973), Tarquinio Sini (1891-1943), Carmelo Floris, and Mario Delitala, who insists on the psychological study of physiognomy. In the itinerary, we find images of mothers, such as the intense portrait of Zia Remondicca by Stanis Dessì (1900-1986), the group pictures by Felice Melis Marini (1871-1953), the delicate and affectionate portraits by Ciusa Romagna, from the secessionist and decorative solutions of the Sardinian women depicted by Biasi up to the bronze sculptures by Gavino Tilocca (1911-1999).

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