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In and off stage

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A retrospective exhibition dedicated to the photojournalist Federico Garolla
Federico Garolla (Naples, 1925 - Milano, 2012) was little more than 20 years old when Arrigo Benedetti called him to Milan to continue his fledgling career as a journalist that began in Naples. The move to the Lombard capital marked his journey towards photojournalism. He carried out hundreds of articles for prestigious Italian and international newspapers, such as L’Europeo, Tempo Illustrato, L’Illustrazione Italiana, Oggi, Paris Match, National Geographic, Colliers and Die Stern.
In the 1950s he worked for Le Ore magazine alongside Federico Patellani, Giancolombo, Paolo Costa and Franco Fedeli. In 1956 he founded Foto Italia of Agenzia Italia becoming its first director. As an epic poet of images, Garolla depicted the birth of Italian fashion with his camera. He took photos of young stylists and models that conquered the international scene. He also portrayed the vibrant cultural life in the post-war period thorugh a series of "photo-tales" dedicated to painters, writers, musicians, actors and actresses, but also ordinary people on the streets of the city. Garolla always kept an eye on social themes; between 1948 and 1975, he put together around 200.000 snaps, which can offer a complete view of those years.
In 1976 Garolla began to work with Rai as a director of a few columns for the news network. He produced high-quality reports dedicated to cultural Italian sites such as museums, areas of archeological monuments and landscapes, food and wine tourism. In the 1980s he also founded a publishing house together with the writer Mario Monti: he wrote guides dedicated to Italian museums using the numerous images he collected over the years.
The exhibition In and out stage, curated by Uliano Lucas and Tatiana Agliani, displays a selection of over 100 photographs documenting the crucial years of Garolla's journalistic activity, from his beginnings as a photographer of Arrigo Benedetti's L'Europeo in 1951 to his long collaboration with major Italian magazines (Epoca, Oggi, L'illustrazione italiana etc.), until the abandonment of the photo report at the beginning of the 70s, following the modification of the Italian information system.A journey through the production of one of the greatest interpreters of the Italy of that time, suspended between post-war misery and the hopes of reconstruction.


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