from June 16, 2021 hours 09:00 to September 30, 2021 hours 20:00

Giorgio Casu. Wonderlands

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The research and the wonder

The Cultural Centre EXMA-Exhibiting and Moving Art hosts Wonderlands, the first anthological dedicated to Giorgio Casu. The exhibition, curated by Simona Campus, shows the multifaceted activity of the artist, from muralism to graphics, from painting to design.
Giorgio Casu, alias Jorghe, is an artist born in San Gavino Monreale, who for eighteen consecutive years has literally crossed the globe, living in Australia, in South East Asia, in the United States of America and in Mexico. In Sardinia, he is known by the most for his work as a muralist, which often leads him to collaborate with other international artists.
The exhibition offers a wide selection of his works, allowing visitors to get to know the different thematic and stylistic focal points of Casu's artistic career. For example, the Elephant Eggs of the initial installation, since elephant eggs obviously do not exist in nature, introduce the concept of the imaginative power of art, the chance of creating new, plural horizons, leading to the corpus of Magic Realism paintings, triumph of colors, shapes, symbols taken from different cultures.

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