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Giants of Mont'e Prama

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Exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum

The first fragments of the Mont'e Prama sculptures came to the light in 1974, with the first deep ploughing of the fields.

The archaeological excavations carried out in 1975, 1977 and 1979 recovered some thousands fragments, the most significant are displayed in the National Archaeological Museum.

The work of identifying and rejoining the fragments was carried out between 2007 and 2011 in the Restoration Centre at Li Punti (Sassari). 24 statues, 12 models of nuraghi and 13 trunco-conical baetyls were partially recomposed.

The cemetery and the sculptures of Mont'e Prama are a discovery of absolute regional importance, in some ways, the apex of the Nuragic civilization of whole Sardinia. For this reason they are not exhibited only in one museum but in a Museum System currently composed of the National Archaeological Museum and the Civic Museum “G.Marongiu” of Cabras.

Both exhibition sections are the result of homogeneous planning, not identical but complementary. At Cagliari the sculptures from Mont'e Prama are displayed in the context of the Nuragic Iron Age, a period of deep cultural transformation. At Cabras the sculptures are displayed in the frame of the cultural evolution of the Sinis peninsula, from the earliest pre-nuragic remains to the roman period.


Both at Cagliari and Cabras the exhibition is enhanced by a visual exploration system of digital three-dimensional models of the sculptures created by the Centre for Research, Development and Advanced Studies in Sardinia (CRS4) in cooperation with the Archaeological Superintendence.

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