from November 12, 2021 hours 17:00 to December 12, 2021 hours 18:30

Clothes in Medieval Cagliari

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Clothing and grandeur in the medieval heart of the city

The historic district of Castello was the scene of wars, dynasties, betrayals and bloody clashes. People know much about the Middle Ages but still ignore habits, lifestyles, customs and traditions of that historical era.

A new exhibition at the Royal Palace, the historic residence in the heart of the ancient Castellum Castri, aims to focus on everyday life in Medieval Cagliari through the clothing of lower, middle and upper classes, providing a fascinating window into the history of the city. 

Piazza Palazzo served as Castello's gravitational centre and was the place where craftsmen,  monks, bishops, adventurers, ambassadors and merchants from all over the world met together. Refined fabrics, bright colors and elegant clothes made in Tuscany revealed the prestigious of the lords; simple and worn-out clothes tell the hard work of artisans and the poverty of commoners.

City map

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