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Gintilla veg restaurant

Gintilla veg restaurant

This element belongs to the categories: Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants




Historic center

Provided services:

  • Bancomat
  • Credit card
  • Onsite restaurant
  • Toilet
  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
  • Air conditioned
Gintilla, vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Cagliari and Porto Rotondo, is one of the first specialized restaurants to satisfy the palate of customers vegans and vegetarians with a healthy, tasty and affordable. Come to the restaurant vegetarian

Fast paced, hand to hand encounters, one hour after the other we’d like 
to think that there exists a place, in the heart of Cagliari, that is 
capable of giving excellent service and nurturing delicious food for the 
heart and soul.
An environment that does not invade but welcomes, a wooden table waiting
for the right company, all the goodness of nature at your fork.
Relax and enjoy the small pleasure of life, we’ll do the rest! 
And if you are with a four-legged friend, he/she is welcome too!

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