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Meccano di Aline Nowé

Meccano di Aline Nowé

This element belongs to the categories: Amusement arcades, Bars, Book society, Daycare centre

Opening hours:

from Tuesday to Saturday 4pm-10pm




Historic center

Provided services:

  • Bar
  • Air conditioned
Coffee bar, cocktail bar, aperitif, salami and cheese plate, sandwiches, salads.
Home made sweets, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, fresh fruits.
Kids zone: toys, books, changing table, high chairs.
Meccano di Aline Nowé

What is Meccano?
Meccano is a bar where you can relax, recharge and where your kids can play; also those who normally are bored and tossing sugar bags around.
Meccano was an old toy factory that were constructing different kind of vehicles and mechanical models (also called Meccano), produced from 1908 to 1980 by Meccano Ltd in Liverpool. Then toys such as Lego made of plastic, substituted the metal pieces of Meccano.
I received a Meccano when I was a child, a red box with few pieces inside, it was a hand-me-down used by cousins and uncles. Even though the pieces were few, the possibilities were nearly endless and playing with Meccano is still a very fond memory of mine.
Although I had some doubts, the name remained Meccano, and maybe it's just right because this is for every age and every person, just like the mechanical models.
Parents can relax and enjoy the tranquility while their children play, have fun and create friendships with other children.
- And even if you don't have a child, you're more than welcome at Meccano, and to enjoy all our homemade, fresh and healthy treats.
What can you do at Meccano? 
I hope everyone can create for themselves a relaxing moment at Meccano while drinking and eating, reading, in company or alone. We want you to give you good energy and great moments.
At Meccano we also have a little library and a reading corner to find tranquility, along with games for every age.
- not only children have the right to play...

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