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Pala Pirastu Sport Arena

Pala Pirastu Sport Arena

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Opening hours:

Opening times:
from Monday to Friday 7.30 am-10.30 pm


Monte Mixi



Provided services:

  • Toilet
  • Air conditioned
Previously known as PalaRockfeller, in 2017 it was entitled to Pirastu Brothers.
Pala Pirastu Sport Arena

The PalaPirastu Sport Arena is situated in the district of Montemixi and it is the main sport arena in town. It can host 2266 spectators, but considering the unnumbered standing positions and having only one tribune with seats, it can contain more then 4000 spectators, as happened in the past during important events.

Previously, it was known as PalaRockfeller, as the street where it is situated.

On June 30 2017 it has been entitled to Luigi, Antonio, Emilio, Ignazio, Gianfranco, Carlo and Paolo Pirastu, brothers who dedicated their lives to the sport in town and in particular to basketball.

Luigi Pirastu was also the president of the Brill Cagliari Team when it played in the big league.






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