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Galusè Tour Operator

Galusè Tour Operator

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Historic center

Incoming and outgoing tour operator.
Galusè Tour Operator

Travelling with Galusè  means discover, learn and get to know yourself and the other people.

We would like to plan your tour in an innovative way in order to make you live unforgettable experiences and feel touching emotions. We wish to cuddle and take care of you.

Regardless of the destination, travelling is an occasion for both locals and guests to interact and enrich their life. Our travel itineraries aim at involving communities and local economic operators creating networks and synergies. Tourism is the ideal means to foster economic, social and cultural growth.

Our team consists of young professionals in the touristic sector.

Hard-working people completely devoted to their profession convinced that commitment,

passion and professionalism are the key words to organize a successful tour.

We love planning new ways of travelling always looking for inspiring and satisfying destinations.

We offer different travel itineraries but we are interested

in your opinions, requests, suggestions and needs.

We wish to offer you a unique, special and memorable tour.

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