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Xardinia Kayak Tours

Xardinia Kayak Tours

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Opening hours:

On reservation from monday to friday - from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm


50 e per person


Poetto - Medau su Cramu


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If you are looking for cristal clear emerald water, peaceful and wild spots, a secret beach for some snorkeling, this tour is for you!
Our fast and stable kayaks are the best vehicles to explore this unexpected paradise. No experience needed!
Xardinia Kayak Tours

This unexpected sea kayak tour in Cagliari will take you where most of the people can't go, even locals!
Yes, you need a sea kayak to fully enjoy the wilderness of the so called \"Sella del Diavolo\", gently gliding on water, in silence.
Take a break from the bustle of the city, there is a fantastic world just around the corner!
After a short briefing we first snake around huge boulders while the white limestone cliff gets higher and higher and the water takes every shade of blue. It is here that we realize that there's not a better way to explore this breathtaking corner of Cagliari than easily sitting on a kayak. 
On our route we find small beaches cutted into the cliff, bunkers of the second world war, caves and different kind of birds.
Our destination is a tiny sandy beach, quite difficult to reach by foot because set into the rock, where we can stretch our legs and wear our snorkeling kits, there's another world to explore!
On our way back we change perspective and our attention is captured by details that we had not noticed before, enjoying every single meter.
You don't need any experience to enjoy this tour, our instructor will be around all time providing tips and ensuring safety.

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