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UNisola s.n.c. di Carlo Lussu e C.

UNisola s.n.c. di Carlo Lussu e C.

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Sant'Avendrace - Santa Gilla


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Provided services:

  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
We believe in quality tourism but at the same time modern, dynamic and innovative, able to convey emotions and feelings.
UNisola s.n.c. di Carlo Lussu e C.

Our complementary study experiences and "life", even abroad, have enabled us to see the many untapped potential of Sardinia. Inspired by the principles of the "long tail theory" (C. Anderson) applied to tourism, we believe that the experiential, the sensorial and "niches", can and should have the same relevance of the canonical tourist services standardized and mass . Customers should be able to choose, build and live actively a product / destination without having to passively accept. We like to send the colours, the flavours and aromas of Sardinia, around the world, contributing to a sustainable and responsible exploitation of the cultural heritage of the island.

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