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eidèsia art tourism environmet

eidèsia art tourism environmet

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To request information on the services offered, you can call from h. 9.30 am to h. 15.00 from Monday to Friday to 348409448. Or write an email to [email protected] It is also possible to make an appointment.




Historic center

Provided services:

  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
Company operating since 2013 in the tourism sector offering entertainment services, professional training, business consulting. Create tourist itineraries throughout the island and organize events in locations of memorable beauty.

The business idea was facilitated by the Promuovidea FSE-FESR Asse POR 2007-2014 Call and its development took place through actions aimed at innovation according to the logic of networking with qualified operators both at a regional and national level. The eidèsia logo depicts a tree whose branches are not mere branches, but the fingers of one hand around which fruits of various colors are arranged. It is the representation of the knowledge that one wants to pursue. A knowledge that originates from experiences and generates a knowledge made of real things, which can be touched, felt and savored.

Vision: in its horizon eidèsia sees a welcoming and accessible Sardinia able to enhance and make accessible not only the riches of its boundless environmental and cultural heritage, but also the passion and talent of the people who care about their destiny.

The Mission: the eidèsia objective is that anyone who sets foot on the island can realize that Sardinia is much more beautiful than previously thought. This is why we create unique tourist experiences that are able to highlight the beauty of places and people, telling the story that unites both.Since 2013, he has provided vocational training courses, with a strong experiential cut - consistent with the psycho-social approach - for the qualification of tourist guides pursuant to Law. 20/2006, training internships for environmental-hiking guides, English language for tourism, workshops on extra-hotel accommodation and school tourism. Designed, idea, leads thematic and experiential guided tours not only on Cagliari but also on the whole island for different targets of local and foreign clients. The eidèsia proposals aim to create unique and memorable experiences on the themes of culture and archeology, on the villages, on nature and the environment, on enogastronomy, on active tourism and on religious tourism.


Even for the organization of events, the proposals are varied and original and aim to offer unique opportunities for special occasions by combining harmoniously combining beautiful places with music, literature and theater.

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