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Electric Minibus

Electric Minibus

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Opening hours:

Departure from Piazza Yenne and Piazza Costituzione. Departure from the port when a cruise ship arrives in town.
Duration: 55 minutes
Capacity: 8/13 adult people


Price: 15,00 euro




Historic center

Sightseeing tour by electric minibus in the historic centre of Cagliari.
Electric Minibus

Electric Minibus offers a fascinating tour through the streets of Cagliari to discover the monuments of the town, its naturalistic sights and its best panoramic points.
You will have the unmissable opportunity to admire:
1. Town Hall, via Roma;
2. Bastion of Sant Remy;
3. back of the Cathedral of Saint Mary;
4. back of Royal Palace;
5. Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria;
6. Molentargius Natural Park, Poetto Beach, Devil's Saddle, Monte Urpinu;
7. Pubblic Gardens;
8. Saint Pancras Gate;
9. Cristina Gate;
10. Arsenale square, Arsenale Gate/ Museum;
11. Saint Pancras Tower, Indipendence square, Saint Pancras Well;
12. Old Archeological Museum;
13. Royal Palace and Cathedral of Saint Mary;
14. Former Town Hall;
15. Carlo Alberto Square;
16. Boyl Palace, Tower of eagle;
17. Jewish Ghetto;
18. Church of Santa Croce;
19. Santa Croce rampart;
20. the port, Santa Gilla lagoon, Fai-Conti Vecchi Saltworks;
21. Elephant Tower;
22. Civil Hospital, western view of Castello district; Piazza Yenne, Largo Carlo Felice.
100% 0 Emissions
100% Panoramic 
100% Silent
100% Low speed

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