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Just Limousine

Just Limousine

This element belongs to the categories: Airport shuttle buses, Boat escursions, Car rental and hack services

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09.00-13.00 / 15.00-19.00


Is Mirrionis


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Provided services:

  • Credit card
Car rental and sale, rental service with driver, yacht rental, event management.
Just Limousine

Just Business is the result of the passions that Fabio Maria Orrù has cultivated since childhood.
Over the years what was only a dream becomes reality: first it fits into the business of prestige cars, then one evening a phone call starts a new adventure, that of the rental, and the company quickly establishes itself also in this sector .
The philosophy of the Just Business is that of a holiday in complete relaxation for the customer, to whom we offer a complete and personalized assistance. You enjoy the holiday, we'll take care of the rest.
Our company occupies a small niche of extreme luxury that goes from the sports car, to the Yacht, to the personalized programming of flights on private jets and helicopters, to the organization of special events and much more.
We offer our customers a constantly renewed fleet of cars, state-of-the-art boats and the most exclusive aircraft.

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