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Cultural Association Stanzenigma

Cultural Association Stanzenigma

This element belongs to the categories: Amusement arcades, WiFi zones

Opening hours:

Everyday from 3pm to 10.30pm


The price changes depending on the number of players:
- 2 players: 25e per person
- 3 players: 20e per person
- 4 players: 15e per person




Residential area

Provided services:

  • Toilet
The players are trapped in a Room and, within an hour, they have to use their logic skills to escape and win.
Cultural Association Stanzenigma

An escape room is a team game, work together to solve puzzles and get out as fast as possible! You'll have to bring out all of your skills and abilities to find a way to escape. The solution could be anywhere: it might be a password, a key, or a device that has to be activated. Intuition and lateral thought are the key to an escape room. You have an hour to find, discover, solve puzzles and open locks. StanzEnigma lets you choose between two rooms: "The chamber of secrets" and "Saw". Coming soon: "The Time Machine". 

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