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Fairtrade Shop

Fairtrade Shop

This element belongs to the categories: Biological food shops

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Thu and Sat also in the morning 10:30 AM 1:30 PM




Historic center

Provided services:

  • Bancomat
  • Credit card
  • Air conditioned
Fairtrade and organic products from a fairer world: coffee, sugar, tea, cereals, flour, pasta, olive oil, cookies, snacks, chocolate, dry fruits, drinks, wine, cosmetics, body care products and cleaning supplies, handicrafts

We are a non profit organization linked to ARCI since September 2008.

Our mission is to spread fairtrade values: ethical purchases and finance, environmental sustainability, human rights and a non-violent culture. We run projects for children and adults to raise awareness and educate about the current economic disequalities between North and South. We support a just economy through the promotion of Fair Trade activities such as a sustainable lifestyle, ethical finance and green tourism.

Fair Trade is a movement whose goal is to help producers worldwide to get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices.


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