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Escape Room Cagliari - Alcatraz

Escape Room Cagliari - Alcatraz

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Opening hours:

Every day from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The Alcatraz Escape Rooms are located in two locations in Cagliari, in Via Sonnino 115 you can find: Alice in Wonderland - Dracula - Scary Office (The office of fear), in Via Orlando 11 (near Via Garibaldi) you can find the rooms Escape from Alcatraz and Area 51.


From 20 euro.




Historic center

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Alcatraz Escape Room is a new world. It is the new frontier of entertainment in Cagliari.
If you think you have tried everything in life, well then you are wrong!
Gather a group of friends, choose the adventure and book an hour of pure fun.
Escape Room Cagliari - Alcatraz

Alcatraz Escape Room Cagliari is not a simple Escape Room, Alcatraz is cinema, theater, entertainment, horror, thriller, action.
Alcatraz Escape Room is a new world. It is the new frontier of entertainment in Cagliari.
If you think you have tried everything in life, well then you are wrong!
First of all, we decided to tell you the most beautiful and compelling stories in the form of a game. How many times has it happened to you to spend entire afternoons (especially during the holidays) sitting around the table with an exciting boxed game. And how many times have you said "I wish this moment would never end, let's do another one!" - "I want a rematch!" - “This time you play on my team!”. Well, we can tell you that these moments, these emotions, you can now relive them at any time of the year, but above all in a different way. This time the game box is bigger! This time you will not use tokens or a joystick, you will be interacting with everything around you yourself.
What are Alcatraz Escape Rooms?
When we talk about the Escape Room, the first thing we are told is that we will be locked up inside a scenography, and that in the time limit of one hour we will have to be able to escape! In reality this is not always the case!
In our Escape Room in Cagliari you can experience not only the thrill of escaping, you can even realize that your goal is to defeat someone, such as for example in Dracula's Room, or better yet try to find out what happened to someone else like in the Scary Office Room!
The puzzles are the basis of an Escape Room, the game is centered on the fact that each member of the team must find clues that interrelate them will lead to the solution of each puzzle. Search for a code that opens a padlock, a hidden key or, more excitingly, a lever that unlocks a mechanism that will take you to another secret environment!
All objects inside an Escape Room can be potential clues, even the players themselves! In some cases you will have to play roles, the latter will certainly be able to interact with actors present in the room. Interaction is the second ingredient that we at Alcatraz have brought to Sardinia in the Escape Room.
Escape Room with Actors
From the first moment we realized that in our first script something was missing, something that conveyed emotion and generated adrenaline. And it is precisely in this case that we have decided to introduce a "figure"! An extra element to what game play already offered. At a later stage we evaluated the hypothesis of designing our future rooms almost always introducing this peculiarity.
The first Escape room .. it's time to try!
If you don't know where to start, here is a short guide that will make you better understand the choice of your first Escape Room. If you are a novice player, we always recommend choosing the theme not so much for its argument as for its difficulty. Choosing a particularly compelling theme, such as a horror for example, but with a high difficulty level, will not allow you to experience the emotion to the full. You would find yourself failing to complete the mission, perhaps only reaching 50% completion of the game. Which will generate frustration and a sense of defeat, and that's certainly not what we want to offer you! Avoid too large groups! Given that in the Escape Room of Alcatraz in Cagliari you can play from 2 to 6 players, if it is your first time the advice we give you is to not go beyond 4 components per team. The game will tend to be less confusing, you will be able to notice every step and sharing every detail will be made easier by the fact that you will not be too numerous. Don't get involved in the theme! A horror theme will not necessarily lead you to a heart attack! Escape Rooms are not to be confused with horror houses. The aim of the game is always to solve a case, solve puzzles, complete a goal. The interaction of the actors in the Escape Room Horror or Thriller serve almost and exclusively to complete the game. Most of the time the appearance will bring you or produce a clue, with (let's not hide it) a good dose of fear! If your first Escape Room was not a good experience, don't give up! Probably the theme was not one of your favorites. You have not understood some riddle. Your team needs a more motivated member. Or you just got the Escape Room wrong.
Why choose us?
Choosing the Alcatraz Escape Rooms means choosing the quality and professionalism of an experienced team that dedicates the entire time of their days to designing and improving their creations. A team that is constantly updated in terms of technology, scenography and script. Our reviews confirm how satisfied gamer customers have been with our experiences. We are aware that we will be able to involve you and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere as soon as you have crossed the threshold.
Our rooms
Alcatraz Escape Room has enriched its menu with new themes. In this paragraph we show you in which fantastic worlds you can play.
Alice in Wonderland - A Fantasy room inspired by the Dark version of Tim Burton, suitable for an adult audience. It will be able to give you an hour of pure magic! You will be introduced to the fantastic world of Alice as prisoners of the Queen of Hearts! You will have to try to free yourself and escape from the castle, cross the magical forest and sit at the tea table. White Rabbit, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter will guide you to freedom. But, hurry up the Queen is sending her executioner to cut off your head!
Dracula - For the first time you will be immersed in a dark and gloomy atmosphere where each of you will have to play a different and decisive role. The Castle of the Count awaits you, and with him his most trusted servant and keeper Dimitri! You will be the protagonists of a theatrical and bloody hour of play! Courage tests will be required, whoever decides not to face them will block the whole team. A horror with a ferrous aftertaste
Scary Office - The office of fear ... already says it all like this! This time you will take on the role of Scotland Yard police officers. You'll have to follow a lead that talks about corpses and undead! You are looking for Detective Brown, but also looking for the way out! One of the most adrenaline-pumping Alcatraz Escape Rooms !!
Area 51 - After a long run you managed to infiltrate Area 51. First, your aim is to reach the most secret area without being discovered by the guards on the first floor. Later, thanks to the collaboration of a former engineer Robert Lazar, you will be able to access the elevator that will take you to the sixth floor of the hangar. And this is where you will have to try to evade the alarm system. Infrared rays, lasers and motion sensors are just some of them. I forgot! Beware of what is not human.
Escape from Alcatraz - For a wrong and unjust sentence you are ended up in the maximum security jail proof prison! The execution of your death sentence is near, but do not lose heart and, together with your block mates, plan an escape. Mental and physical skills will not be enough, in the arm you will not be alone, you will have to deal with Miller the fearsome guard of the C block. Miller is ruthless, he hates his job, his life and that of the inmates. You will have to try not to make him suspicious or the isolation will be a vacation compared to his punishment.
In summary In our rooms you can choose to experience horror, fantasy or thriller / sci-fi adventures, immersed in original and realistic settings. The difficulty levels are variable. The time available to free yourself is 60 minutes and emergency escape for any unforeseen events, including panic attacks, is always guaranteed. Even those who do not reach the solution of all the puzzles, eventually return home safe and sound, with the desire to improve themselves in the next experience. 

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