About us

cagliariturismo.it is the official tourism website of the City of Cagliari active in the promotion of the territory, the culture and the tourism industry.
The website is edited by the staff at the main tourist office based in Largo Carlo Felice 2, which deals with the acquisition of useful information for tourists visiting our city, promotion of events or important events and with the updating and control of the information already present on the site.

City Guide

Opening time:
From 09.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m
from mondays to sunday.
Tourists and citizens can ask  the Infopoints in Cagliari for city tourist information, from museums to events and also to get free promotional material.
tel: +39 070 6777397
tel: +39 338 6498498

Our aims are:

  • Information and tourist reception by the management of various tourist information points distributed throughout the city and especially in the old town centre.
  • Qualified support to the tourism industry and communication, aimed at promoting local development of the city and surrounding areas
  • Statistical activities of tourist flows on tourist arrivals and overnight stays in accordance with the ISTAT parameters.

*ISTAT ( Italian National Statistic Institute)
In addition to front-office help desk, the Tourist Office of Cagliari also provides the service of prior information, evading thousands of telephone and email queries a year .