from March 19, 2018 to April 09, 2018

Octave of Easter

After the translation of the simulacrum, the celebrations in honour of Santa Maria Chiara culminate in the inter-parish procession of the Octave of Easter, starting from the church of San Pietro Apostolo at 10.00 am.

The processional route of the two simulacra, the eighteenth-century statue of the Risen Christ and the one of Santa Maria Chiara, retraces the route of S’Incontru (the Meeting), which takes place in the main square of the Municipality.

When the area of Monte Claro, where the cult of Santa Maria Chiara originated in the Middle Ages, was definitively abandoned, her worship was symbolically inherited by Pirri. However, the tradition tells that this happened not without contrasts: a fight between the inhabitants of Cagliari and Pirri seems to have profaned the small rural church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. When it was decided to move the simulacrum, the rivalry between Cagliari and Pirri for its possession was so smouldering that, according to the legend, it was decided to put the simulacrum on a cart pulled by two oxen, one from Pirri and the other one from Cagliari: the animals headed spontaneously towards Pirri.



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