from April 03, 2017 to April 24, 2017

Passion Monday

In the late afternoon of  Passion Monday, the last before Palm Sunday, in the oratory belonging to the Confraternity of Santo Cristo (Holy Christ), the brothers open a niche holding the statue of the Lady of Sorrows, extract the simulacrum and lay it at the foot of the altar.
Then, the sisters remove its ordinary clothes and substitute them with a sumptuous red silk dress and a blue cloak.
In the preceding days, the other six Misteri had already been taken from their niches and prepared for the procession.
A particularly demanding process is necessary for the preparation of the one representing the last prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. The statue of Christ kneeling on the ground, in fact, is part of a special setting overlooked by a big olive branch. Year after year, the brothers are proud to find one bigger and bigger. Eventually, an angel is hung to the tree to offer Jesus the cup of bitterness. 
These ceremonies are comparable to other similar taking place both in Spain and in several towns in southern Italy. Especially in Trapani, seat of one of the most sumptuous procession of Misteri in the world where, on the six Fridays of Lent, takes place la scinnuta, namely the extraction of each statue from its own niche and the subsequent solemn procession around the city, ​​in order to collect donations.

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