from April 03, 2017 to April 24, 2017

Holy Wednesday

On Holy Wednesday, in the Oratory of Santo Cristo (Holy Christ), a particularly complex and intimate rite is celebrated around 05.00 p.m.
Once again, the Lady of Sorrows is laid at the foot of the altar. After the removal of the coloured clothes worn during the procession of Misteri (The Mysteries), some sisters wrap the whole simulacrum in scented cotton lints.
Then, the Madonna is clothed in mourning, according to the ancient spanish style: black shirt and petticoat, white pleated blouse and skirt; bonnet; wimple; long black cloak. A white handkerchief with black crosses, symbol of Mary's tears shed on her Son's wounds, lies on both the forearms, while the hands are locked in an anguished gesture.
Afterwards, at 05.30 p.m., a similar ritual is celebrated by the Confraternity of Gonfalone (Flag), in the church of  S. Efisio in Stampace district. Meanwhile, some brothers lay a great statue of Dead Christ on a processional litter and some others cloth in mourning the famous statue of S. Efisio sculpted by Giuseppe Antonio Lonis. The simulacrum wears a black silky cloak, a black plumed helmet and a black bandolier for its silver sword.

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