from April 03, 2017 to April 24, 2017

Holy Saturday

In the historical reality, Holy Saturday was a day of silence and waiting for the resurrection, which took place in the early hours of Easter Sunday. In Cagliari Easter Passion Play, instead, Saturday morning is dedicated to the ceremony of Su Scravamentu, postponing the real chronological sequence for practical reasons.

At 08.30 a.m. in the parish of S. Lucifero, the simulacrum of Christ, provided with jointed arms, is released from the Cross by two brothers of the Confraternity of  Santo Cristo (Holy Christ), whose roles recall the ones of Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, and laid into an elegant litter. Subsequently the litter, covered with a thin lace veil tied to the four corner with black bows, to symbolize the closing of the tomb, is exposed in the middle of the church until the afternoon.

A similar ceremony takes place at 10.00 a.m. at the Cathedral, held by the Confraternity of Nostra Signora della Solitudine (Our Lady of Solitude). Meanwhile, in the Oratory of Santo Cristo the atmosphere has already turned joyful, as the brothers extract the statue of the Risen Christ from its niche and the sisters prepare the simulacrum of the Glorious Virgin, dressing its hair and clothing it with a blue cloak, a white veil and the imperial crown.

At 4.45 p.m. the Confraternity of Nostra Signora della Solitudine (Our Lady of Solitude) heads to the district of Castello for the rite of S'Interru, in wich the Dead Christ is taken back to the church of S. Giovanni. A group of brothers has already arrived at the cathedral within 3.00 p.m., to ensure the possesion of the statue that, otherwise, would pass to the chapter of canons. The most important nucleus of that cortege is the Lady of Sorrows. Conventionally, the chronological sequence with respect to the events of the morning is taken up again thanks to the children personifying Saint John and Mary Magdalene, who bring back on the symbolic Mount Calvary three nails and the crown of thorns. In the presence of the coffin, Mary substitutes her sumptuous silver crown with the crown of thorns his son had been mocked and tortured with.

The dead body of Jesus, wrapped in the shroud, is then accompanied to the tomb with a long night procession through the streets of the city. While the brothers carry statue and the large cross by now empty, the devotees bear the rods of the canopy.
In the same hours another procession crosses the streets of Villanova, the one of the Confraternity  of Santo Cristo (Holy Christ), leading back to its oratory the litter of the Dead Christ from the church of St. Lucifer. The time of pain, however, is now over. Once the sad procession has finished, after a short rest, the Confraternity starts its joyful celebrations.
At 11.45 p.m. the Risen Christ and the Glorious Virgin are briefly carried in procession to the nearby parish of San Giacomo, where the midnight mass celebrates the Sunday of the Resurrection from the very beginning.

2017 programme:

Confraternity of Nostra Signora della Solitudine

Su Scravamentu - 10.00 am, Cathedral of Santa Maria

Confraternity of Santissimo Crocifisso

Procession of the Lady of Sorrows - 4.30 pm

Chiesa di San Lucifero, piazza San Giacomo, via Sulis, via Garibaldi, via Eleonora d'Arborea, via San Lucifero, Chiesa di San Lucifero, via Sant'Eusebio, via Lo Frasso, via Alghero, via Garibaldi, Portico Romero, via San Domenico, piazza San Domenico, via San Giacomo, piazza San Giacomo, Chiesa del Santissimo Crocifisso.

Confraternity of Nostra Signora della Solitudine

Procession of Christ and the Lady of Sorrows - 4.45 pm

Chiesa di San Giovanni, via San Giovanni, piazza Marghinotti, viale Regina Elena, piazza Costituzione, piazza Martiri, via Mazzini, via Spano, via De Candia, via Canelles, Duomo, via Martini, via La Marmora, via De Candia, via Spano, via Cima, via Manno, piazza Martiri, viale Regina Elena, via San Giovanni, vico II San Giovanni, via San Giovanni, vico XI San Giovanni, via Giardini, via San Giovanni, Chiesa di San Giovanni

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