Carnival 2018

Fat Saturday

10th February

The Municipality of Pirri together with Domus de Luna Association and several other groups and associations of the neighbourhood will lead two different parades that will end in one big party: at 4.30 p.m. the first group of masks starting from via Santa Maria Goretti will meet the second group, coming from Via Chiesa, in via Salvo D'Acquisto. The final destination for both of them is the Exme Cultural Centre, with live music and zippulas for all the participants, young and old.



Fat Saturday's parade itinerary (from 04:30 p.m.):

Group a: via Santa Maria Goretti (EXMé), via Antonio Argiolas, via Vittorio Amedeo II, via Italia.

Group b: via Chiesa, via Murat, via San Martino della Battaglia, via Risorgimento, via Berchet, via della Resistenza, via dei Partigiani, via delle Fosse Ardeatine.

Group a and group b: via Salvo d’Acquisto, via Leandro Corona, via S’Arriu, piazza Italia, via Enrico Toti, via Antonio Sanna, via Santa Maria Goretti (EXMé).

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